3 Secs Tent - The #1 Easiest, Fastest 1-Person Setup Camping Tent

This lightweight, multi-season 3 Secs Tent will change your perspective & experience of camping! The tent uses an advanced pre-assembled mechanism that allows you to set it up & take it down automatically! Saving you a lot of time, allowing you to enjoy your trip & do it all single-handedly!

Practically Instant Set Up & Take Down

1-Person Set Up & Take Down

Waterproof Now With Free Rainfly

2 Doors: Great Ventilation + Easy Entry/Exit

Hours of Camping Fun, Secs of Sheltering Job

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How to Set-Up & Take Down 3 Secs Tent


Step 1:

Take the tent out from the bag

Step 2:

Lay the rods flat & lift the tent upwards

Step 3:

Push the inner rods down to lock the tent & be extremely impressed with your new tent!


Step 1:

Squeeze the inner rods connected to the piston to bring the tent down

Step 2:

Unlock the joints, fold the legs in & lift the rods to the middle

Step 3:

Roll the tent up & slide it into the bag!

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How Does Our 3 Secs Tent Work:

What Other People Say:

"Great product, easy setup, you will not be disappointed!"

"So I got the large and medium tent combo. I see a lot of comments asking about disassembly. OK, here it is. The tents are really good quality, easy setup AND easy teardown. The medium tent I got for my daughter who is 12. I asked her to look at the illustrated instruction sheet that comes with the tent, and got her to set it up and then take it down. First crack, she did it in less than a minute and had it back in the bag. Even she was astonished. No joke, this is a good product, and I am very glad I got these tents, and I really wish the best success to Reactive Outdoor, this is a great product, you will not be disappointed!"

- TJ Sarge Clarke -

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